Maty silikonowe do mikropłytek

Maty do mikropłytek.
• Pierceable capmats, suitable for autosamplers.
• Resistant to ethanol, methanol, DMSO, and DMF.
• Stable at a wide temperature range can be autoclaved at 120°C or stored at -70°C.
• Reseal after needle puncture.

Whatman Flexible Capmats individually seal the top of each well. Capmats may be used on either filter or collection microplates.
Number of wells 96-wells 
Material Silicone 
Autoclavable 121°C; 15 min 
Product Product Name Pack size
7704-0105 Silicone Round Format Capmat for 300 µl; 750 µl; and 800 µl Microplate; 96 wells 50 pieces