Gilzy szklane do ekstrakcji Soxhleta o wysokiej czystości

Gilzy produkowane w 100% z borokrzemowych mikrowłókien szklanych (HP-GF), pasujące do większości ekstraktorów Soxhleta. Doskonale nadają się do monitorowania zanieczyszczeń w środowisku gazów gorących i kwaśnych.
GE’s Whatman 100% borosilicate glass microfiber (HP-GF) thimbles are designed to fit most Soxhlet extraction units. They are well-suited to pollution monitoring when analysis of hot and acidic gases is required.

• Resistant to temperatures up to 500°C
• Binder-free, no chemical additives
• Nominal particle retention rating: 0.8 µm
• Effective when used with solvents incompatible with cellulose materials

Extraction thimbles in glass, quartz, or cellulose are available from GE Healthcare’s Life Sciences business.

Glass Soxhlet extraction thimble applications
• Analysis of hot and acidic gases during emission control and smoke stack gas monitoring
• Analysis of pesticide residues using Soxhlet extraction
• Determination of oil/fat content of foods
• Analysis of oil and grease in solid wastes

High-purity glass Soxhlet thimble sizes
Whatman brand high-purity glass thimbles are available in a range of sizes and wall thicknesses for optimal use in a variety of air sampling and Soxhlet extraction units. Thimbles come in packs of 25 pieces, with four internal diameter sizes:

• 90 mm
• 90 mm tapered
• 100 mm
• 123 mm
Application Smoke stack gas monitoring. Soxhlet extraction. Analyzing pesticide residues. Determining oil/fat content of foods. Analysis of oil and grease in solid wastes. 
Grade HP-GF 
Material Borosilicate glass fibers 
Binder Without binder 
Product Product Name Length
2814-199 High Purity Glass Soxhlet Extraction Thimble; 19 × 90 mm (25 pcs) 90 mm
2814-259 High Purity Glass Soxhlet Extraction Thimble; Tapered; 25 × 90 mm (25 pcs) 90 mm; tapered
2814-300 High Purity Glass Soxhlet Extraction Thimble; 30 × 100 mm (25 pcs) 100 mm
2814-432 High Purity Glass Soxhlet Extraction Thimble; 43 × 123 mm (25 pcs) 123 mm
2814-533 High-Purity Glass Microfiber Thimble; HP; 53 × 135 mm 135 mm