Filtry z włókna kwarcowego QM-H

Filtry QM-H są filtrami z czystych włókien kwarcowych, używanymi w badaniu gazów kwaśnych, kominowych, spalin oraz aerozoli. Dzięki niskiej zawartości metali są idealne do analizy metali ciężkich.
Whatman QM-H from GE is a pure quartz fiber filter for use in testing acidic gases, stacks, flues, and aerosols. Whatman QM-H has low heavy metal content so is well-suited for heavy metals analysis.

• High stability up to 900°C
• High filtration efficiency
• Binder-free
• Minimal reactivity with biological or chemical components

The Whatman range of quartz fiber filters from GE Healthcare’s Life Sciences business also includes Grades QM-A and QM-B for air monitoring applications.

Whatman QM-H sizes
GE’s pure quartz fiber filters come in 50-piece packs with four diameters:

• 37 mm
• 47 mm
• 90 mm
• 150 mm
Grade Grade QM-H 
Basis Weight 85 g/m2
Operating Temperature <900 °C 
Material Quartz 
Format Circles 
Binder Type Binder Free 
Typical Thickness 430 µm
Product Product Name Diameter
1853-037-50 Pure Quartz Air Sampling Filter; Grade QM-H; 37 mm circle (50 pcs) 37 mm
1853-047-50 Pure Quartz Air Sampling Filter; Grade QM-H; 47 mm circle (50 pcs) 47 mm
1853-090-50 Pure Quartz Air Sampling Filter; Grade QM-H; 90 mm circle (50 pcs) 90 mm
1853-150-50 Grade QM-H Quartz Filter; circle; 150 mm 150 mm