Filtry z włókna szklanego GF 92, z lepiszczem

Filtry z włókna szklanego GF 92 przeznaczone są do filtracji wstępnej w celu zabezpieczenia membrany właściwej przed uszkodzeniem. Wzmocnione są lepiszczem nieorganicznym.
Whatman Grade GF 92 glass microfiber filters from GE are designed for prefiltration in order to protect against membrane fouling. Grade GF 92 is strengthened with an inorganic binder.

• Inorganic binder provides increased strength
• Temperature resistant up to 500°C
• Medium filtration speed

GE Healthcare’s Life Sciences business offers a variety of binder-strengthened glass microfiber filters for your filtration and prefiltration needs, including environmental, air pollution, water analysis.

Effective pre-filtering
Prefiltration can improve performance and longevity of equipment in applications such as:

• Measurement of crop protection agent using gas chromatography (GC) or HPLC
• Separation and determination of cold sludge when brewing beer
• Soot separation prior to use of gas analyzers
• Roll filters for automatic air filtration units
Application Used as a membrane prefilter in applications such as the determination of crop protection agent residues by GC or HPLC; in cold sludge determination of beer; in soot separation before gas analyzers and as roll filters in automatic air filtration units. Highly suitable for use in applications involving air filtration and for gravimetric analysis of volatile materials where ignition is involved. 
Grade Grade GF 92 
Filtration Speed Medium 
Air Flow Rate 27 s/100 ml/1.56 cm
Basis Weight 70 g/m2
Operating Temperature <500 °C 
Material Borosilicate glass 
Format Circles 
Binder Type Inorganic 
Typical Thickness 350 µm
Product Product Name Diameter
10421019 Grade GF 92 Glass Microfiber Prefilter; 42 mm circle (200 pcs) 42 mm
10421026 Grade GF 92 Glass Microfiber Prefilter; 47 mm circle (200 pcs) 47 mm
10421030 Grade GF 92 Glass Microfiber Prefilter; 50 mm circle (200 pcs) 50 mm
10421043 Grade GF 92 Glass Microfiber Prefilter; 100 mm circle (100 pcs) 100 mm
10421057 Grade GF 92 Glass Microfiber Prefilter; 135 mm circle (100 pcs) 135 mm
10421060 Grade GF 92 Glass Microfiber Prefilter; 142 mm circle (100 pcs) 142 mm