Niskopopiołowe filtry ilościowe - wzmocnione Grade 52

Filtry ogólnego stosowania do analiz ilościowych na lejkach Büchnera oraz w innych metodach filtracji próżniowej. Wzmocniona poprzez rafinację kwasem powierzchnia oraz niska zawartość popiołu, umożliwiają efektywną filtrację osadu.
Whatman Grade 52 is a general-purpose filter paper for quantitative analysis in Büchner funnel and other vacuum filtrations. The acid-hardened surface and low ash content enable efficient precipitate recovery.

• Manufactured from high-quality cotton linters and treated to remove trace metals
• High wet-strength and chemical resistance
• Nominal particle retention of 7 µm
• Medium flow rate (Herzberg filtration speed 235 s)
• High purity (0.015% ash maximum)
• Compatible with Hirsch or Büchner funnel applications

We offer three grades of hardened low ash filter paper. All three are designed for use in Hirsch and Büchner funnel applications and can be customized for an exact fit.

Büchner funnel vacuum filtration
The quality of analysis resulting from vacuum filtration using a Hirsch or Büchner funnel relies on using a high-quality filter that avoids introducing artifacts into measurement. Grade 52 hardened filter paper is acid-treated to prevent fiber shredding during vacuum filtration or precipitate collection.
Grade Grade 52 
Format Circles 
Type Hardened low ash 
Typical Particle Retention in Liquid 7 µm 
Nominal Thickness 175 µm
Typical water flow rate 66 ml/min 
Nominal Basis Weight 96 g/m2
Nominal Air Flow Rate 15 s/100 mL/in2
Nominal Ash Content 0.015% 
Material High-quality cotton linters 
Alpha Cellulose Content Min. 98% 
Application Suitable for Büchner filtrations where it is desirable to recover the precipitate from the filter surface after filtration. 
Product Product Name Diameter
1452-090 Grade 52 Filter for Quantitative Analysis; General; 90 mm circle (100 pcs) 90 mm
1452-110 Grade 52 Filter for Quantitative Analysis; General; 110 mm circle (100 pcs) 110 mm
1452-125 Grade 52 Filter for Quantitative Analysis; General; 125 mm circle (100 pcs) 125 mm
1452-150 Grade 52 Filter for Quantitative Analysis; General; 150 mm circle (100 pcs) 150 mm
1452-240 Grade 52 Filter for Quantitative Analysis; General; 240 mm circle (100 pcs) 240 mm
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